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Passion Fruit Cheese Cake


For jelly glaze

Recipe Directions

  1. Pulp 4 passion fruits and strain the juice.

  2. Grind biscuit and butter together.

  3. Line the bottom of 18 cm cake pan with butter biscuit crumbs, gently press them uniformly so that they are firm.

  4. Refrigerate it for about 30 mins.

  5. Combine, sugar fresh cream and vanilla essence and beat them until stiff single peaks are formed.

  6. Next soften cream cheese in a separate bowl, very gently.

  7. Now gently fold in fresh cream, cream cheese and passion fruit juice together until they are uniformly mixed.

  8. Spoon the cream cheese mixture and spread evenly on the cake crust.

  9. Let the cake rest in the refrigerator

For gelatine glaze:

  1. In a heavy bottom pan, add water and sugar let them simmer on medium heat.

  2. Occasionally stir them till sugar dissolves, next add in passion fruit pulp and gelatine soaked in water.

  3. Bring it to simmer till the gelatine dissolves.

  4. Let the glaze cool in ice water bath till it becomes syrupy, immediately pour it on top of the cake.

  5. Cover with fresh wrappers and refrigerate it.

  6. Serve the cake cold.